Support to hospitality businesses in their hour of need

January 2023

At The Pass is the coming together of leading industry and academic expertise, to devise and launch a pair of low-cost online events (webinar & workshop), targeted towards the current needs of hospitality, food and drink related business owners.

The At The Pass steering committee is led by Dr. Orla Byrne, Assistant Professor in Entrepreneurship at UCD alongside Dr. Noel Murray (Head of Department for Tourism & Hospitality at Munster Technological University) and renowned Food Business Coach and former Hospitality Business Owner, Tracie Daly.

The three came together in response to media coverage of the extent of business closures in the food and hospitality sectors. With research and industry expertise in business distress, closure and recovery, as well as business strategy and food business development, the three pooled their resources and contacts to create a suite of information sessions which for a €5 registration fee per event, will provide impartial advice and support to business owners who are trying to Manage Change & Make Big Decisions (January 23, 2023), or those who are trying to Wrapping Up A Business & Moving On (January 30, 2023).

To meet the organisers and hear how #AtThePass came about, please listen here:

Spotify: At The Pass- The Who & The Why – Tracie – The Food Business Coach | Podcast on Spotify

Apple Podcast:

Tracie’s website: Podcast | Tracie Daly

These online events have been given the full backing of the Restaurants Association of Ireland, the Vintners’ Federation of Ireland, and Chef Network. Bord Bia is also supportive of these events and the assistance they will provide to food business owners facing difficult times.