Savour Food offers free support and consultancy to Irish food businesses.
Food waste is a significant source of waste and a substantial cost to food service businesses.

The e-Tools are a resource designed for food service businesses who wish to take steps to reduce food waste
and measure progress in doing so. There are three sections available for your use.

Duration 5-6 mins

Bins: The Basics

Waste management is an essential part of good business. Reflect on the current practices in your business and go through the questions in this section to consider your options with regard to the bins.

Duration 5 mins

The Cost of Food Waste

Did you know that the value of food waste disposed in a typical brown bin is €250? Find out how much food waste is costing you and see how much you could save.

Duration 4-5 mins

The Quick Fixes

Scan through some “no-cost” and “low-cost” changes you can make straight away to reduce food waste and make a commitment to undertake one or many within your business today.