The Cost of Food Waste

It is estimated that Irish food service businesses are throwing away 150,000 tonnes
of food waste every year and the value of this waste is an
estimated €450 million/annum.

One of the first steps to managing food waste is to put a value on the food
wasted in your business.

Did you know that the value of food waste disposed in a standard brown bin
(140 L slim bin) is €250?

How many of these do you fill every year?

This tool will allow you to calculate the value of the food wasted and allow your business
to compare its food waste figures against the industry average and good practice
benchmark for Irish food service providers.

Calculate or Estimate

To accurately calculate the cost of food waste you will need information on
the amount of food going out in the bins each month.

Having your waste bills to hand will help with this section. If you don’t know
how many food bins are collected in a month, you can still get a
rough estimate based on covers.

Do you have information on food waste in your business i.e. weights or
number of bins collected?

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