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Here are some simple actions that you can take straight away to tackle food waste in
your business based on frequently occurring issues in food service.
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Believe it or not, sauce is a major contributor to food waste across many food businesses. Take a look at how much sauce is coming back from customers. If your business is generating sauce waste, you could reduce the size of the ramekins or change how sauce is offered to customers.

Offer leftovers to take-away

Offering leftover boxes or doggy bags reduces plate waste and has been shown to increase customer satisfaction.

Offer portion options

If you don’t already, offer portions options on at least some of your menu. Not only does this reduce waste but it will also appeal to the growing health conscious market, older clientele, children and customers who are not very hungry.

Milk jugs

Are you pouring money down the drain? Margins on tea and coffee are high but they can be easily lowered by throwing out excess or leftover milk. Regularly tossing the contents of milk jugs from tables is one to watch out for. Take a look at your milk jugs and think about if they are oversized or over-filled for teas and coffees.

Customer communication

Lots of plate waste can be avoided by improving communication with your customers. Whether through your menu or directly by staff, make sure customers are fully aware of what you are offering. Simple questions such as, “Would you like cream with your scone or just butter?” can make simple savings over time. Talk to your team about feasible ways to improve communication with your customers.

Bread and toast

Due to it’s relative low cost, many businesses automatically serve bread or toast to customers (particularly during breakfast but also as side to soups or other dishes). By adding a quick check with the customer before serving bread or toast, you can make a real difference to what ends up in the bin. This can be done by staff or by making sure it’s clear on the menu.

For buffet style breakfast, installing a toaster for self-service has been shown to be incredibly effective at reducing waste. In fact, this step saved a local hotel over €5,000/annum in bread purchase and waste disposal costs!

Reduce the size of plates

In settings where customers serve themselves such as buffets and canteens, taking steps such as reducing the size of plates or removing trays has been proven to reduce plate waste by up to 30%.

Monitor food waste coming back on plates

Find out what exactly is being wasted by monitoring and weighing food waste that returns on plates. Food that frequently come back on plates include, garnishes, chips, and sauces.

Brown Bin

Every food business is obligated to segregate food waste. Get yourself a brown bin and train staff on good waste segregation so that food waste goes to the brown bin and not into other bins which can cause contamination. Plus, keeping heavy food waste out of expensive general waste bins might save you money.

One last thing

The solutions for food waste are different in every business. If an action in mind that might work for your business, write it in the box below.

Can’t think of anything? People on the ground have relevant insights. Talk to your staff and come up with an action that works for you.

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