Ireland’s National Food Waste Prevention Roadmap 2023-2025

November 2022

Ireland is committed to reducing food waste by 50% by 2030 – in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The development of a National Food Waste Prevention Roadmap is included as a commitment in Ireland’s Waste Action Plan for a Circular Economy, Food Vision 2030, and the Government’s Climate Action Plan 2021.

The National Food Waste Prevention Roadmap 2023-2025 sets out a number of priority actions to bring the focus on food waste prevention, across key sectors in the food supply chain, together in a coherent manner. A public consultation on the Roadmap was carried out in early 2022.

The National Food Waste Prevention Roadmap 2023-2025 includes:
  • Context on food waste and what components of the food supply chain are included in the Roadmap
  • How Ireland will establish its national baseline data on food waste from which we will achieve a 50% reduction by 2030
  • The approach to interim milestones and targets on the way to that 2030 target
  • How we will ensure a robust national system for food waste measurement and reporting is established in order to meet Ireland’s reporting obligations and to monitor Ireland’s progress in meeting its UN and EU commitments over the next decade
  • A commitment to work together, enhance food waste measurement, and identify and implement key priority actions along the food supply chain to help deliver on Ireland’s commitments on food loss and food waste prevention
  • The approach to food waste segregation, food donation and redistribution, the role of research and innovation, and green public procurement in relation to food waste prevention
  • A commitment to deliver sustained communications and awareness on food waste prevention and segregation
  • How we will establish a monitoring and evaluation framework to check progress of key activities and update the Roadmap accordingly