Here’s a climate action that we can do every day…

January 2023

Colum Gibson and Keelin Tobin from the Savour Food Programme recently spoke to journalist Kate Ryan of The Echo about their experiences of food waste in Ireland over time. The positive message highlights that action on food waste is the climate action we can do every day. Read the full article.

As part of a four part series about food waste, Kate also spoke to Conor Spacey (Director of FoodSpace). Read more.

The second piece was focused on clever ways food waste is being tackled on farms, supermarkets, restaurants and weddings.

Her first article on the subject of food waste, she tells us about how bad our food waste problem is, and what we can do at home.

It’s fantastic to see this in-depth media attention drawn to the issue of food waste and more importantly, what we can do about it.