The Programme

Food Waste

Did you know, one third of all food produced for human consumption is wasted? Food waste is a global issue, but it is also a big problem for Irish businesses.

In Ireland, we generate approximately 1 million tonnes of food waste every year. Around 75% of this is generated in food production, service and retail businesses. Wasted food is wasted money.

Why get involved?

Getting involved will give your business access to:

FREE consultancy from experts in waste and resource management

TRAINING in food waste prevention

OPPORTUNITY to voice your experiences and solutions within the local food industry

The Process



Complete an application form and submit to Savour Food.


Initial Meeting

A member of the Savour Food team will meet with you at your premises to discuss food waste and related systems in your business. This will involve examining waste bills and going through how food waste is managed onsite. Savour Food will identify your main food waste concerns. As staff engagement is critical, we will provide information to management on how to engage staff.


Food Waste Assessment

This will involve in-house recording of food waste over a 2 week period. Savour Food will set up a tailored food waste assessment system in the business. All equipment will be provided and staff will be trained on how to record food weights on a daily basis. During the survey a suggestion box for staff ideas for food waste reduction will be provided. At the end of the survey Savour Food will review data and staff suggestions with the management and staff.


Report & Follow-up meeting

A report on assessment results will be prepared by the Savour Food team. In tandem with staff, a number of actions will be agreed to pilot a food waste reduction intervention.


Intervention Period

During the intervention period of 2 or 3 months, your business will implement at least one change that was identified through the food waste assessment and discussions with staff. Savour Food will be available for support during this period.



In order to assess the impacts of the improvement actions, the food waste assessment will be repeated to capture achievements and identify any further potential savings.


Energy and Water Review

A member of the Savour Food team will visit your property and identify opportunities for energy and water efficiency measures.



A certificate of participation will be presented to businesses who undertake all steps. Their business logo will be included on Savour Food website. In addition, Savour Food will host a recognition ceremony to acknowledge participants in the programme.

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